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A letterman jacket is a symbol of hard-won accomplishments throughout high school. For many, getting that one item of clothing brings a lot of joy. 

Many of us remember how thrilling it is to get those varsity letters, don a letterman jacket, and flaunt it around town for the rest of your high school years. It’s a thrilling time in a young person’s life.

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Right now, you are thinking about how happy it would make you feel to wear a decked-out jacket, but you’re probably also asking yourself why we are discussing this fun topic? Great news! Poor Richard’s Press now plays a role in this process for young people throughout San Luis Obispo county. Whether you are interested in a jacket for yourself, a friend, or a family member, we’ve got you covered!

As part of the merge between Poor Richard’s Press and Miracle Embroidery, we are now your central coast leader in letterman jackets. From varsity letters to academic achievement patches to personalized quotes and more, our team of capable apparel and embroidery professionals will work with you to create the jacket of your dreams.

Now that you’re daydreaming about the perfect letterman, you probably have a few question. Here are some FAQs designed to help you get one step closer to the jacket you deserve.

What high schools do you cover in SLO county?

We have jackets available for Atascadero, Coast Union, Coastal Christian, King City, Mission College Preparatory, Morro Bay, North County Christian, Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, and Templeton high schools.

How much will such a meaningful piece of memories cost?

We’d say priceless! Okay, okay… on a serious note, letterman jacket packages begin at $325.00 with varying costs for further customization of your jacket.

How do you order your jacket you ask? Another great question!

Here are three ways you can get in contact with us. Call 805.543.7243, visit miracleembroidery.com, or stop by our headquarters at 2226 Beebee St. in San Luis Obispo.


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